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Challengers’ Trophy

Updated: May 1

The Students of Brightlands Girls Senior Secondary School won the following prizes in the Inter School Competition Seedling Challengers’ Trophy held at Seedling Modern High School:

  • Km. Shivi Sharma of Class VIII won the First Position (Gold Medal)

  • Km.Yagavi Sharma of Class V won the First Position (Gold Medal) and

  • Km. Diksh of Class VII won the Third Position (Bronze Medal) in Karate.

The Volleyball Team comprising of students of Classes IX- XII – Km. Samiksha Rathore, Km. Vishakha Sharma, Km. Vanshika Gaur, Km. Upasana, Km. Bhavya Swami, Km. Jagriti Rathore, Km. Yashi Joshi, Km. Shivangi, Km. Kamakshi Yadav and Km. Vanshita Singh won the Second Position (Silver Medal), with a cash prize of Rs. 5000/- and the Runner up Trophy.

We congratulate the winners and applaud the initiative of our mentor teachers

Mrs. Kanta Rajan, Mrs. Poonam Shekhawat, Mrs. Anita Sharma Mrs. Amita Rathore and Ms. Lakshita Ghatiwala.

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