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Ms. Lakshmi Menon

Principal, Brightlands Girls School

Dear Students,


As you step into the esteemed halls of Brightlands Girls Sr. Sec. School, a world of possibilities unfolds before you. Each of you, like a budding flower, brings with you a unique essence, a spark waiting to ignite the future. Your journey begins here, amidst the towering walls and sprawling grounds, where every corner holds a promise of growth, learning, and self-discovery.


From the moment you cross the threshold, you may feel a sense of excitement and apprehension. It is natural to be unsure, to feel a little lost amidst the sea of new faces and vast spaces. But fear not, for within these walls lies a sanctuary of knowledge, guidance, and camaraderie. Your teachers, mentors, and fellow classmates will become your pillars of support, guiding you through this transformative journey.


In the years to come, you will witness a remarkable evolution within yourselves. What starts as hesitance and uncertainty will blossom into confidence, grace, and self-assurance. The education you receive here goes beyond textbooks and classrooms; it permeates through every interaction, every experience, shaping not just your intellect but also your character.


At Brightlands, we uphold the legacy of empowerment and enlightenment envisioned by our Founder. Just as Smt. C. Sumersingh Ji broke barriers to establish this institution, we strive to break barriers within ourselves, transcending limitations and embracing our true potential. Our school stands as a beacon of progressiveness, blending tradition with innovation to create a nurturing environment for holistic development.


As you embark on this journey of self-discovery, remember that you are the authors of your own narrative. Each day presents a new chapter, a fresh opportunity to explore, learn, and grow. Embrace the challenges, cherish the victories, and above all, stay true to yourselves.


Welcome, dear students, to Brightlands Girls Sr. Secondary School. May your time here be filled with endless possibilities and invaluable experiences.


Warm regards,


Lakshmi Menon

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