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Admission Procedure

The students are admitted to Nursery at three and a half years of age on 1st April and at a corresponding age in the rest of the classes. Registration is required for all the candidates. Seats as per RTE are available in Nursery, whereas for students of higher classes a written test is conducted.

Withdrawal Procedure

A month’s notice needs to be given at the time of withdrawal of a student. The fee for the quarter in which the child leaves must be paid to school. TC shall be issued and Caution Money will be refunded only after all claims made by the school are settled.

School Fee Rules

Fee shall be paid in four instalments by 15th April, 15th July, 15th October and 15th January respectively. Late payment fine will be levied at the rate of Rs. 10.00 per day on payments received after due date. The fee will be accepted by cash or cheque. Fee once paid will not be refunded.
In case the fee is not paid for one full quarter, the name of the student will be struck off the school records at the end of that quarter.

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