Welcome to Brightlands Girls School

Jaipur Based Girls School Focused On Excellence Since 1963.

From a modest beginning with 50 children, Brightlands School has come a long way to being a premier English Medium Girls Senior Secondary School of Jaipur, with over 2,000 students on its roll from Play Group to Class XII.

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The medium of instruction for all classes is English, though Hindi is given due importance. Sanskrit is being taught as third language from class VI to VIII. In classes IX and X, there is an option between Hindi and Sanskrit. The school offers Science, Arts and Commerce stream to its senior secondary students.

The school gives importance to sports and cultural activities which are held through out the year. Clubs have been instituted to facilitate students to explore in their own fields. Inter-house competitions in sports and cultural activities are held to give the competitive edge to the students.

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