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Subject Combinations for Class XI for 2022-23

Subject 1EnglishEnglish English
Subject 2PhysicsAccountancyPolitical Science / Painting / Commercial Art
Subject 3ChemistryBusiness StudiesHistory / Hindi / Informatics Practices
Subject 4Mathematics / BiologyPhysical Education / Economics / Applied Mathematics / MathematicsPhysical Education / Economics / Applied Mathematics / Mathematics
Subject 5Physical Education / Informatics Practices /  PsychologyPhysical Education / Economics /  Informatics Practices /  Entrepreneurship /  PsychologyPhysical Education / Economics /  Informatics Practices /  Geography  / Psychology /  Entrepreneurship

Let us leave behind a legacy……….

Mahatma Gandhi once said that “Sanitation is more important than Independence”. Today even after the seventy first year of India’s Independence, we are pained to see the littering and the garbage heaps in our cities and towns.

As citizens of this great nation we need to take the moral responsibility of keeping our surroundings clean and green. It is a clarion call to rise to the occasion and preserve Mother Earth for posterity.

As a small step towards generating a consciousness the students of Brightlands Girls Sr. Sec. School, were administered a pledge on the importance of cleanliness on the first day of the Swachhata Pakhwada. Let us all celebrate to take this mission of a Swachh Bharat ahead in its true spirit.

Let us leave behind a legacy –   A legacy of cleanliness, for our children to cherish.