Phad Se Padh


Phad Se Padh is an art integrated project. It is an approach to teaching in a way, where students construct, demonstrate, understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form with other subjects. The imaginative and innovative elements in students are given wings and their knowledge of academic subjects too is expanded.

Brightlands students integrated Music and Painting with Business Studies. The topic chosen was Staffing. Staffing comprises of Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development etc. The students studied the topic, condensed it to suit the various scenes/blocks on the canvas. The first block depicts an office where a meeting is being held to discuss the manpower for the vacant posts in the office.

The next block portrays, the recruitment process, further categorised into external and internal recruitment. Two methods of external recruitment i.e. advertising and web publishing are illustrated.The third block represents, an interview committee, selecting potential employees, deliberating over prospective candidates.


Teachers and students began working on the project in the month of April. Art, its elements of finesse were expounded, discussed and adopted. The visual art helped the students perceive the process of Staffing and the objective of knowledge acquisition was accomplished.

Students and teachers worked meticulously with an obvious delight and engrossment.

The project allowed the students to put forward their ideas, plan and give a creative form to their thoughts. The children collectively wrote the lyrics and composed the song. It is an established fact, students who have trouble learning vocabulary can memorize the lyrics of a song. This was evident when children as a team, worked on the lyrics. The teachers, too, got an opportunity to interact with students, outside the classrooms.

On the whole, ‘Phad se Padh’ was an edifying experience.