Online Admissions 2020-21 Class XI

Session 2020-21

  1. The students of class X will be given admission in class XI session 2020-21, on the basis of their Board result. The three streams available, for the students to make their choices are Science, Commerce & Arts.
  2. Remember that, choosing the right stream after passing Class X is crucial for every student. The recent trends are changing and gone are the days when only medical and engineering were considered to be the only bright career options. Today, there are diverse fields which you can explore, and each field offers ample career opportunities. What is, however, important is to make sure to analyze the educational prospects of each stream beforehand, and then choose the right stream accordingly with respect to your interest and abilities.
  3. The criterion for choice of streams and subject combinations are given below.

    Stream / Subjects

    Criterion for allotment of stream / subject

    Science – Biology

    (i) More than 80% each in Science and Mathematics
    (ii) More than 80% in aggregate

    Science – Math

    (i) More than 80% each in Science and Mathematics
    (ii) More than 80% in aggregate

    Commerce – IP

    More than 70% in aggregate

    Commerce – Math

    More than 70% in Math and also in aggregate


    More than 80% marks in aggregate

    Arts – Math

    More than 80% marks in aggregate and more than 70% in Mathematics

  4. After filling in the form the students are required to send their Board marksheet along with their Board Admit Card to
  5. The students will choose subjects, fill the Google form by clicking on the link & submit the duly filled form.

    Click on the link and fill in your details and choose the subjects as per the criterion given above              






    Subject Combinations

    Subject 1




    Subject 2


    Pol.Sc / Painting


    Subject 3


    History / IP

    Business Studies

    Subject 4

    Biology / Mathematics(041)

    Hindi / Geography /
    Applied Mathematics(241) / Mathematics (041)

    Applied Mathematics (241) / Mathematics (041)/
    IP /  Hindi

    Subject 5

    Р.Ed. / 1 P

    P.Ed / Economics

    P.Ed / Economics

  6. The school is also offering Applied Mathematics from this session 2020-21. Students who want to opt for higher studies in Mathematics at the University level as an Elective or want to take admission in Mathematics Honours course or Engineering course will have to take Mathematics (041).
  7. The Applied Mathematics (241) course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of Mathematics that are required to develop an understanding of basic mathematical and statistical tools and their applications in the field of commerce (business/ finance/economics) and social sciences.
  8. The students who opted for Standard Mathematics in Class X could opt either for  Mathematics(041) or Applied Mathematics(241) in Class XI (Only one out of the two subjects).
  9. The students who opted for Basic Mathematics in class X can only opt for Applied Mathematics(241)  in Class XI

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